Dateline March 21st 2000

The equinox. Daylight and darkness are evenly balanced today, but for the next six months, daylight will have the upper hand in the annual battle for luminary supremacy.

The day started dull and grey, even a touch dreich, but slowly improved. By late afternoon it was sunny, if a touch cool.

Loch levels continue to fall. Rocks are beginning to emerge along the shorelines, blinking in the sunlight, and desperately trying to catch up on all the gossip since the last time they had dry faces, around last October!

Dateline March 20th 2000

After a severely wet start to the year, March has been a little drier. Not particularly sunny yet, but milder. Rivers are beginning to flow rather than rush, and the levels of the lochs are receding to more normal levels. The ground remains very damp, and needs some spring sunshine and wind to dry it out.

So far no lambs in sight, but they can't be far away.

Spring buds are out. The snowdrops have been and are largely gone. Most of the daffodils are out, and skylarks can be heard in fine voice. The dawn chorus grows rowdier every morning. Its the time of year when spring begins to stir, but has yet to open a lazy sleep-fogged eye and take a real interest in the proceedings.

Soon though.