Dateline November 2000

November 29th

Today made up for yesterday. Strong winds and rain made it a miserable one, but temperatures remain mild for the time of the year. The autumn colours are still there, but the yellows and browns are darkening as we move towards December.

November 28th

One of those calm, mild days which we get more than people tend to realise. Some showers in the afternoon, but the ferries travel back and forth over a near glassy sea, and the colours glow fleetingly in the sporadic splashes of sunlight.

November 22nd

Still the leaves cling on. The colours vary, and the occasional breezy spell brings more leaves down onto the roads, but still the majority of trees have substantial clothing. Autumn is later than usual. By now, most of the trees should be bare. Some flurries of thin snow on the mountain tops reminds us that winter is waiting - impatient to get on with the job.

November 16th

A remarkable number of trees still clinging to their leaves. The hills are russet and bronze, especially in the brief spells of sunshine.

November 8th

The larches are turning from a vivid yellow to a faded yellow brown, which still punctuate the dark sombre background of the pines with splashes of colour..

November 4th

A fine crisp autumn day. The rain and floods further south have passed us by.