Scotsounds presents

'The Scottish Connection'

'The Scottish Connection' is a radio series for those with Scotland in their blood or in their heart, which aims to connect them with each other and with all that is Scotland.

The Scots are everywhere. US Census data indicates there are more Scots in the US than in Scotland. Across America, the phone book is packed with Duncans and MacDougalls, MacLeans and Campbells, Grants and MacDonalds. The abundance of Saint Andrew's and Caledonian societies, pipe bands, Royal Scottish Country Dancing Societies, Highland games and Scottish festivals provides further evidence the power and reach of the Scottish community throughout North America.

Back in Edinburgh, the Scottish Executive estimates that there are some 28 million Scots around the globe. This community holds tight to a powerful sense of home and heritage. Each year, tens of thousands of Scots and Scottish descendants return to follow the story of their ancestors. With the reconvening of the Scottish Parliament, millions of expatriate Scots are looking at Scotland with new interest and renewing their passion for a dynamic nation with one foot in a turbulent but enthralling past and the other foot solidly planted in an exciting future of new technologies, diverse business endeavours and creative excellence.

'The Scottish Connection' is a radio series by Tom Laurenson which offers a link, connecting these groups to each other and to Scotland - old and new. The Scottish people, their dreams and achievements form the keystone of this exciting magazine format radio series. 'The Scottish Connection' will explore links between Scotland and the USA, Scots and Americans, both contemporary and historical. Each program will highlight the rich diversity that is Scotland, bringing key events, new locations, great music and delightful people to listeners.

The music component of 'The Scottish Connection' includes Scottish music old and new, from Scottish talent such as Capercaillie, Aly Bain and the Battlefield Band. From North America, the program draws on Scottish talent such as Pennsylvania's Carl Peterson, Maryland's Christina Harrison, and Toronto's Hadrians Wall..

But the heart of 'The Scottish Connection' centers on people and their stories. Organisers of events, travellers to Scotland, researchers of Scottish culture, musicians, story tellers - if they have a Scottish connection, they have a place in this entertaining and unique series.