RAF Leuchars Airshow 2001

Royal Airforce Leuchars Airshow 2001

Well the annual jaunt to the airshow was saddened this year by the shocking attrocities in America.

As a direct result of this the United States, quite rightly, pulled out all of their display aircraft this year.

But the show went on and, as usual, a good day was had by all.

2001 was to be celebrated at RAF Leuchars as the 90th anniversary of avaition at the base. Also it marked the 60th anniversary of the Air Training Corps and the 50th anniversary of the first flight of the Hunter jet fighter.This year saw, for the first time at Leuchars the Swedish TEAM60 display team.

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111 Sqd Phantom. 69k

C17 rear. 63k

C17. 42k

C17. 34k

C17. 44k

Dad and I with GR4. 57k

Dad and I with GR4. 58k

Dutch F16AM. 41k

Dutch F16AM. 33k

Tornado GR4. 50k

Tornado GR4. 41k

Hunter. 44k

Jaguar. 61k

BBMF 2001. 25k

BBMF 2001. 27k

BBMF 2001. 28k

Harrier. 24k

BBMF Hurri. 26k

BBMF Hurri. 42k

BBMF Hurri. 54k

BBMF Lanc. 41k

BBMF Lanc. 25k

BBMF Lanc. 30k

BBMF Lanc. 36k

BBMF Lanc. 45k

BBMF Lanc. 45k

Nimrod MR2 27k

Nimrod MR2 29k

Nimrod MR2 27k

Nimrod MR2 46k

P3C Orion. 48k

Patrouille de France. 45k

Patrouille de France. 46k

Patrouille de France. 46k

Patrouille de France. 45k

Patrouille de France. 35k

Patrouille de France. 25k

Red Arrows. 36k

Red Arrows. 35k

Red Arrows. 29k

Red Arrows. 32k

Red Arrows. 24k

Red Arrows. 48k

Red Arrows. 46k

Red Arrows. 27k

Red Arrows. 33k

Swordfish. 61k

Swordfish. 55k

Swordfish-Lanc. 53k

Swordfish-Lanc. 47k

Tornado F3. 48k

TEAM 60. 41k

TEAM 60. 45k

TEAM 60. 44k

TEAM 60. 38k

VC10. 39k

VC10. 51k

Voltage Victor. 27k

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