The McGhee Family can trace it's ancestry back through the ages until well before Roman Times (or was that Times New Roman?). The earliest record of a McGhee in history was 1655 when Old Granny McGhee was heard to remark to her husband that his tea was ready - this was a shock to him as he never usually ate until 5pm.


The Clan McGhee is closely associated with the MacKay and Gunn Clans, having fought alongside them on countless occasions at Bannockburn, Culloden, and Ibrox, however our Tartan was by far the more fetching design.


As previously mentioned the McGhee's have a proud history which includes defeating the scurrilous English at Bannockburn under Mel Gibson, as well as more recent triumphs at Wembly, from where we liberated a substantial section of our lawn. The most recent famous McGhee is cousin Mark who regularly does battle with Rodney Marsh on Sky Sports.


McGhee's are known throughout the world and beyond as a travelling species, the current breed have residences all over the world and are regular travellers to exotic locations, why only last week I myself sped through Harrogate in Yorkshire without stopping (it is Grim up North!!).


Today the McGhee's have curbed some of their more warlike tendencies, but woe betide the workman who angers the McGhee woman as her tongue can still give you a severe lashing at 50 paces.


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