Brewery Barn Gallery


Barbara was born in Surrey in 1950 and in 1969 trained at the Froebel Institute of Education where her main course of study was Art. After several years of teaching, and also bringing up a family of four children, she undertook a foundation course in Art Therapy at Bath City College (1994). This was followed by a course in Art and Design at Trowbridge College (1995-7)

She has been involved in several local exhibitions over the past few years and is a member of, and exhibitor with ARTEMIS.

Barbara's papier Maché work has developed from an interest in layers and textures, and as well the pieces on display in the exhibition, she also creates low relief and 3D structures. The work involves paper pulp, layered tissue paper and recycled materials to create texture and pattern. A removable mould or a recrafted recycled object create the basic shape. The colours are obtained with acrylic paint, ink wash and gold medium.
The pieces, though similar in design, can never be exactly reproduced and colour, pattern and texture always vary. Each artefact is original and "of the moment"

Barbara has run a number of children's workshops here at the Barn, and also for the National Trust at Dyrham Park as part of the Artists in Trust initiative.