That Roundhouse

 the Roundhouse, September, 2005

Hello. Welcome to That Roundhouse. This is an ecohome of wood frame, cobwood and recycled window walls, straw-insulated turf roof, with solar power for electricity, compost toilet and reed beds for grey water. It was to have been demolished over Easter 2004, but many new developments have taken place, and we have had huge public support in its defence. The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority planned to get a court injunction to force us to demolish it, but now we can keep it until July 2006, when we can apply under their new Low Impact Policy. Phew!

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2005, news, events and updates
Mission Statement
Some facts about the Roundhouse
How it was built
How we live

the planning Story up to July 2002
Story Part 2 - July-Dec 2002,
Story Part 3 - 2003
Story Part 4 - 2004,

Those Roundhouses in Northern Spain - Matavenero
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