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The real Carbonara

When you want to try a recipe not belonging to your tradition, keep in mind, if you want to succeed, that one of the biggest secret is finding the right ingredients.
For this recipe, you'll need the freshest local eggs; for the bacon, you will do better to find an Italian prelibatessen shop to find the italian one, because the taste is completely different (the not Italian bacon is usually very meat-tasting and less tasty).
If you decide to use a bit of cream, choose fresh cream (not double cream), the taste will be better and the dish will be more digestable.
This is a very tasty and nutrient dish, with high level of calories and a certain content of colesterol, so do not use it too often...

titolo carbonara

eggIt is a very popular and tasty italian recipe. Someone states that its origins are in the ancient romans' times, others say it is related to the "carbonai"(charcoal burners) in the part of Italy called Umbria.
Another version is that it has been invented by "Carbonari" (rebels of the beginning of 1800 who, together with the Masonry, were against the Borbonic Empire). It is told that they invented the recipe while hiding themselves in the shelters (th eingredients were easy to find).
Another theory is that it has been invented during the 2nd war world to use bacon and eggs bought at the american black market.

titolo ricetta spaghetti alla carbonara

spaghetti Ingredients:
spaghetti (better if spaghetti kind "chitarra"-the ones with the squared section)
1/2 cup freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano(or Grana Padano; not Parmesan, because it is a different cheese)
4 yolks and 2 albumens a bit of cream (optional) extra vergin olive oil, salt, pepper.

Put some water to boil and, in the meantime, prepare the spaghetti (better if you find " spaghetti alla chitarra", the ones with squared section)
Chop bacon into small squares and fry it with a little bit of oil. Boil your spaghetti. Whip the yolks and one or 2 albumens (if you plan to use cream, use only one albumen).
Add the Parmigiano Reggiano (or Grana Padano), salt, pepper and cream (if you like to).
Just the spaghetti are ready, drain them and transfer them to a warmed container.
Add the bacon and pour what is in your cup, stirring quickly (eggs must not get cooked).
Serve immediately after.

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