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Jekyll's Border Plans


Border 2 - 3

Border 4- 5

Border 12 - 14

Border 15 - 17

The following Border plans are copied from the original Jekyll design for the garden in 1908. They have been altered so that they are easily readable and the design has been made clear. The originals are obviously made in Jekylls own hand and are not that easy to read . The selection at present is not complete, but is of the main part of the formal garden. Please also note that these are just a few of the border plans and not of the garden design as a whole. These will be available at a later date.

The plans are downloadable and are printable, but note they should be printed in black only, with reduced margins, and more important in landscape format. Please also note the larger borders are printable in 2 parts only, they cannot be reduced because of the loss of detail and the shape of the format.

Borders 2 & 3

Borders 4 & 5

Borders 12 - 14

Borders 15 - 17

Print this Plan ( 19K )part1

Print this Plan ( 13K )part2

Print this Plan ( 51K ) part1

Print this Plan ( 26K ) part2

Print this Plan ( 13K ) part1

Print this Plan ( 8K ) part2

Border 2 - 3
Border 12 - 14
Border 15 - 17
Border 4 - 5

Download this Plan

Download this Plan

Download this Plan

Download this Plan

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Print this Plan (13K ) part1

Print this Plan (8K) part2




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