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Challenging After creating a totally artificial situation sometimes called transference by using unconditional positive regard- which is more or less arguing with whatever someone says to build up their trust. Plus a great deal of self disclosure which often makes a client feel very confused. We come to the abusive therapists second favorite concept. Challenging.

More damage is to clients with this concept than any other, it is total abuse. The last thing a vulnerable person needs is for someone to argue about everything in there life, past, present and future. To have every word you say picked apart, twisted and distorted to make you fit some box or category that the abusive therapists as placed you into. HPD, NPD, or BPD, being very popular at the moment. Is destruction on a massive scale.

It pushes most clients into a very passive state. Often sexual abuse takes place after this. Or total silence, afraid of talking about there problems for fear of yet another onslaught. Or into the other extreme of being highly agitated and angry - a state that is not easy to get out of in hour and usually makes the client very displaced. Some clients often get pushed into dissociation after challenging. Leaving a highly vulnerable person confused, paranoiac and amnesic is criminal, but in the name of therapy it happens.

And the abusive therapist will do this time and time again. And for what? To test the client’s reality. A person abused by a person in a responsible position, for example another Therapist. Is going to struggle very hard trying to understand why a person who is supposed to care about people in general can suddenly turn on a person, a client who thinks the world of them.

Yet to the amazement of an abused client. The next therapist they see will often give them a very hard time. The very thing that caused the problem in the first place is used again to try and test the clients reality!!!! The reality is very simple. There are to many therapists out there who should not be doing the job. They have harmed clients and will continue to harm clients - because of there denial. All the challenging in the world is not going to change that - by trying to make a client feel differently about his or her abuse is in fact more abuse.

Challenging as no role to play in trying to help the abused client. All it will do is add to the anger and frustration of the client. Regards to the concept in therapy overall it is hard to see what useful purpose it can serve. If trust as been built respectfully without the use of UPR - why put that a risk? It is the interconnection between these therapy concepts that makes them dangerous. On its own challenging can be very very destructive - but combined with UPR and Self Disclosure it can be and is devastating. Most people respond to being treated with respect and kindness. Until the therapy industry takes those concepts on fully, its not going anywhere.