European Courts Of Justice

Year 2000

After many years of waiting we the survivors of abuse have a chance to strike back at the people who have stood by and have let this chaos come about. I speak of course about the governments of this country in the past thirty years or so.

The problem of abuse has been a big part of therapy since the very start. For the most part it's a 'non' subject. When problems have arisen more often than not the fault has been placed on the client.

When therapists and clients were counted in their tens any complaints were considered to be part of the learning process. By the middle of this century the learning process had been going on close to 50 years! And countries like America where the therapy industry had boomed, felt the need for registration and regulation.

At this time in the UK therapy had moved from the upper classes to the middle classes. It would be at least another 25 years - the mid-seventies before therapy became available to the bulk of the population through the NHS.

It was then that the call for registration and regulation was first taken up. By then the number of therapists had grown close to 100,000 - with a probable client base of at least 500,000.

Information packs on the European Courts Of Justice - are available from the local county courts in England.