When it comes to abuse the various Christian faiths are sadly as bad or even worse then the governing bodies of the therapy industry. Instead of keeping well away from a subject that is at best contentious, some people in the church have even become members of these organisations that preside over the industry in this country. Anyone wishing to complain then finds themselves up against the church and a governing body.

Thankfully there are organisation out there fighting against this -


Clergy abuse is a terrible thing, causing a great loss of faith in the church and the people who represent it.

Yet it shouldn't surprise anyone that the abuse in the church goes right to the top, this site is an effort a very

good effort to show that. Perhaps if those abused by the clergy and those in the church could get together and

come to an understanding - this area could lead the way in resolving the problems that occur in the therapy industry

which are so cruelly ignored.



Spiritual abuse occurs when someone uses their power within a framework of spiritual belief or practise to satisfy their own needs at the expense of others. The classic example in recent years has been the ‘Nine O’clock Service’ in Sheffield, Yorkshire, but far more examples go undetected, or even unnoticed.

Causes and Symptoms
Spiritual abuse is likely to happen when:

All these are danger signs.

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