The Problem

The last twenty years or so have seen a tremendous growth in Britain in counselling and therapy. The number of organisations offering training in this industry is also numerous, This as caused a serious problem with regards to the general publics understanding of what the differences are between say a psychologist, a psychotherapist and a psychiatrist. Add to that list counsellors and therapists and you see that anyone in need of help would certainly need help in picking out someone to help them. Even if they go to their GP for advice their problems are not over. Anything to do with the NHS is under-funded, which could mean a very long wait, before they see someone, although they will see someone-eventually Staying within the NHS does give them some kind of safety net. So what happens inside the NHS and outside of it

ABUSE. Abuse Can and does come in many forms. All of it stems from emotional abuse, which can lead to sexual or financial abuse. Or all three. It effects mainly woman but men are also abused. What Vex is all about is making that safety net stronger. Not only for users of the NHS, but for those who seek a solution to there problems outside of the NHS.

The Solution Self-regulation does not work. It is totally unrealistic for any industry to police itself; even the police can not do it. What is needed is a government organisation, paid for in part by the various organisations that offer advice through their members to anyone on emotional, spiritual or physical matters.

Registration A Register is a simple and effective way of raising standards and maintaining them. In a highly complex society such as the UK, it should be very simple through local authorities to set up a register. If anyone moves to another area, they simply need to register in the new area. It could act, as a simple form of advertising for those concerned who would be able to list out their qualifications and achievements.

Regulation This organisation would have the legal power to investigate a complaint from any member of the public. Then call a tribunal made up of members of the various organisations involved, together with a government representative (who should not be a member of any of the organisations involved) plus a member of an organisation who is currently involved in helping those who have been the victims of abuse. This organisation would need to be regional and should be run along the lines of the Industrial Relations Board, and their Industrial Tribunals. This tribunal could then, be made up of three or five members. Survivors (Victims) and accused should be able to represent themselves or have an advocate (legal or otherwise) to represent them. Once the tribunal has come to a decision, it can of course go to appeal. If the decision is upheld in the favour of the complaint, the accused must not be allowed to offer advice (emotional, physical or spiritual) to anyone-De-Registered

Monitoring The prevention of abuse is also very important and the only effective way of doing this is through monitoring. Once again it’s very important that an outside agency is involved with this.