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In August 1998 when VEX published its first newsletter it was hoped that those providing support to UK survivors of therapeutic abuse would be able to increase that support, sadly that never happened. And yet it's clear that more telephone support is still badly needed in the UK. (And the rest of the world). So with that in mind VEX in conjunction with a number of UK survivors this month launches a support line for those in the UK (and anyone else in the English speaking world) who are seeking telephone support. It is very important that any survivor who phones the number understands that there are limitations to what survivors can offer other survivors. Survivors are not therapists, but we do know a lot about the problems that therapists cause people.

Advocacy - Making a complaint to the various governing bodies in the UK is best dealt with by the Citizen Advice Bureau or a solicitor. Legal Aid is available for certain types of complaint and they will be to advise you.

Mutual Support - Means that at all times you must remember that you dealing with other survivors. They can help you and you can help them. The dark side of this is that they can also hurt you - and you could hurt them. If you think that another survivor is abusing you - tell another survivor. It's wrong. Support Line time is 2pm up till 10pm. If you run into the answering machine please leave a message and your number and someone will get back to you.


0207- 511 - 4051



If you are feeling suicidal please contact

The Samaritans on 0845 790 90 90