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Ray, I set it up on my computer. but havent heard anything back on it yet. I think but Im not sure that helen just has to prove it. no, I didnt get Anitas reply on my potatoe puff incident. shorty right After that my emails were boucing. yes it is funny story. I knew you would get a laugh. sometimes my boyfriend comes out with some unbelievable lies. Just so he dont admit up to his wrong doing. and some of his lies are so ridiculas that its funny. Telling me some stranger must have climbed up the balcony and helped himself to our kitchen and burnt potatoe puffs. ha! ha! ha! ha! and the biggest laugh of all is to lie over something thats not a big deal in the first place. what im trying to say abusers dont even admit that their wrong even if its something minor.That potatoe puff incident happened before him and I read patrica evans. After him and i read the book I noticed my thereapist abusing me to. when doing my complaint I asked my boyfriend to help me put into words on what was happening to me. I said to my boyfriend shes just like you. now this is his exact words he wrote down on paper to help me with my complaint. irenes therapist may not want to or be able to see irenes side of things because it would reflect badly on her professionaly and personaly. how she perceives this situation could be a direct result of her trying to cover up her feelings of inability to correct her own mistakes. (I think he was talking about himself and relized this after reading particia evans hes slowwwly changing) even though he never admitted this personally to me i still think he was talking about himself what do you think? Irene

Dear Irene,

I don't know if its possible to change someone, but if anyone could do it, it would be you! Now you are probably thinking why your private email to me is on the internet. Well not long after you sent me this email - around the end of August - you sent a very happy email to the Therapy Abuse list, the singing and dancing one - telling us how you were. Then you disappeared. At first we thought you were having a little break from the list. Then Anita sent in a message with that title 'Yoohoo Irene' you never answered.

I sent you an email, no reply, so did Ellen and Carol. No reply. We all started to get very worried. We worked out that you lived in Concord,New Hampshire,so we started making enquires in Concord. We never got anywhere because we don't know your surname. Then Beth, fairly new to the list suggested a classified advert in the local newspaper 'The Concord Monitor'. So she placed the advert on Sunday 21st October Still no response.

So having tried other lists, Dr Irene's and Bully-On-Line and with no sign of you. I thought it was time to try this. If you're reading this - please let the list, me, or any of your many friends on the Therapy Abuse list know how you are, people care about you Irene. If you have a problem we might be able to help you with it, you have been through a lot over the last four years - and many survivors think that people don't care about them - we wouldn't blame you for thinking like that - but we can't do nothing until we hear from you.

Alternatively do you know Irene? If you do please contact me,vex@lineone.net.

or the Therapy-Abuse website, vea@therapy-abuse.net

You have said many times that you love the list.

People love you as well....

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Take care, all the very best


PS, The little ribbon thing at the top beside your name is for survivors.

I thought you would like it.