Abuse A Human Rights Issue

Well of course it is - but abuse like everything else is quickly categorised in a modern society like the UK, and once that happens you find yourself in a smaller group, a smaller group that can be easily ignored. Yet the pain of emotional or sexual abuse by someone who a person has turned to for help, or information is very real. That this abuse is carried out by someone who you have got to know, does not make it any better. If that were the case domestic violence would be perfectly acceptable - which of course it isn't. It is time for this issue of abuse to place alongside the likes of rape, child abuse and domestic violence - and it's perpetrators to be viewed with the same disgust inside and outside the law.

One of the problems it seems the laws of this country has in dealing with abuse in either a emotional, spiritual, physical or educational setting is the question of consent. Yet the question of trust is just as important. Sexual abuse in any of these contexts could not take place without emotional abuse taking place beforehand.

In therapy - it's very common to think abuse is actually part of the therapy. With regards to spiritual abuse, many people are made to feel evil if they do not submit themselves totally to the abuser.In a physical context - doctors are able to prescribe a whole range of drugs to someone - trying to prove that this was not for the person's benefit is nearly impossible.

Educational abuse exists because of the enormous amount of pressure students are now placed under. With finances now such a big part of learning in adult education - it is easy to see how abusive educators can take advantage.

The solution to all of the above is for a totally independent organisation to be involved in the monitoring and the regulation of all those involved in these various services.