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Counselling or Quackery - William Burgoyne
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It seem that not content with abusing clients some therapists get their kicks from abusing the clients family as well. A client goes to a therapist and before long the client's family is being accused of abuse. Unlike therapists who seem to be teflon coated, a family accused of abused are often ripped to bits.

Bill makes it very clear in the opening chapters of his excellent book - that he is not trying to invalidate those who have been abused by family members, his problem like those abused in therapy is wth therapists who for reasons best known to themselves like to see abuse everywhere - except in there own profession. A profession that is a self regulated nightmare.

Vulnerable adults do need protection and help to deal with the abuse they have suffered but to think that it starts with the therapy industry is a very sick joke. They are part of the problem, not the solution.

The solution or solutions that Bill advocates are identical to those demanded by this website - which is the regulation of therapy and the registration of therapists. Bill's book in its 75 pages - packs a punch, time and time again the man hits the target, you want
examples he gives them, you want statistics he gives them, you want ideas here they are. Written in plain simple English.

This is a book that will be frowned upon by many working in the therapy industry but for the survivors of therapy abuse - it is an essential read.

Ray Hurford