Is Counselling Addictive?

Well we certainly know it to be abusive and addiction is yet another form of abuse. The problem I have with this is that it transfers (sic) the problem back onto to the client. Abuse is not the client's problem. Its possible of course that the problem the client has is abusive, but even then that does not mean that person is open for even more abuse. If anything - I would hope that a counsellor would treat a person like that with even more respect than a person without abusive problems.

Another problem is the wide variety of therapy available, how can anyone argue that something is abusive, when abuse is actually part of the therapy. Of course its not called abuse, but techniques liked unconditional positive regard and challenging- never mind transference should have no more place in a therapeutic setting than a bucket of water and a hammer does in a medical setting.


If registration and regulation of counsellors and therapists is not possible perhaps we might have to start thinking the unthinkable and call for the banning of the whole process. We know how dangerous it is. People with severe mental problems are only helped by medicine, not ideas that cannot be tested. That is not to say that the medical establishment in is this country is perfect. Far from it. Although it seems to me its come a lot farther in 100 years than therapy!