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The Warlingham, Chelsham and Farleigh Parish News

November 1999

Printed a copy of my Ode to the 411 Caterham to Tunbridge Wells Bus


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Ode to the 411 Caterham to Tunbridge Wells Bus

By Alan Edwards

As the saying goes, "We've had our chips",

There will be no more Tunbridge Wells trips.

No more views from the high North Downs,

No more trips to the Kentish Towns.

There used to be five ducks to be seen,

On the pond at Tatsfield Green.

Now you're lucky to see just one,

While riding on the Four One One,

Watch out for Wally at his bus stop,

If he's off to Tunbridge Wells to shop.

We'd arrive in the Bus Station at Sevenoaks,

With a friendly wave from the office blokes.

There was always a chance to spot a deer,

In Knole Park if the weather's clear.

We've been through rain and even snow,

There's hardly a day we didn't go.

For us it's a look round the shops and market,

While the poor driver took the bus to park it.

Marian searches charity shops for paperback books,

While Alan finds phonecards wherever he looks.

Vi and Gwen go shopping for odds and ends,

Wally and Audrey visit family and friends.

At Eastertime we had a Hot Cross Bun,

For Christmas, sausage rolls, cake and lots of fun.

Good times have been had by all of us,

No wonder it was known as 'The Happy Bus'.

The times goes quick, it's already half past one,

It's time for the final Tunbridge Wells to Caterham run.

Farewell Four Eleven, trusty friend,

On 1st September 1999 it came to an end.