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Thursday September 16th 1999 - The cutting below appeared on page 6 the full text is reproduced at the right >>

The cutting also included the full text of my Poem, Ode To The 411 Caterham To Tunbridge Wells Bus

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Alan griefs for the 411 bus

Bus mad Alan Edwards is mourning the loss of the 411 Caterham - Tunbridge Wells service.

And such is Alan's grief that the former British Rail office worker from Warlingham, has set up an Internet site with a poem dedicated to the 411 and several pages on its history.

The 411 - it ran from Caterham and took in Warlingham, Tatsfield, Westerham, Brasted, Sevenoaks, Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells - ceased on this route at the beginning of the month and Alan and a group of his pals who made regular trips made the last journey on what they dubbed The Caterham - Tunbridge Wells Fargo.

They handed out RIP notices to fellow travellers, brought along a wreath proclaiming The Last One and ate, appropriately enough Wagon Wheels. Alan and his friends regularly made day outings to Kent on the 411 and on occasions like Easter and Christmas would dish out refreshments and suitable decorations.

Now the 411 has been withdrawn it will no longer be possible to travel between these points in Surrey and Kent without a lengthy detour and a change of buses at either Oxted - a 57 minute wait - or at Godstone. The latter entails a 40 minute wait. Alan's website shows pictures of the buses and views of the places served together with the poem, Ode To The 411 Caterham To Tunbridge Wells Bus, and there's also a website devoted to the Chelsham Bus Garage which closed in 1990.