Chilworth Schooldays

I started going to school in 1948 and remember my first day at Chilworth Church of England Primary School. There was a sand tray in the classroom to mess about with. The Headmistress was Miss Connie Steere. There was a stone over the main doorway of the school building with 1873 written on it. The lavatories were outside in the corner of the playground.


During the summer we used to have Country Dancing in the playground, with music being provided by an old black wind-up gramophone. I can recall the sad occasion when King George V1 died, it was on 6th February 1952, we were all given the rest of the day off school.

During the middle of the morning, it was time for the school milk, the third of a pint bottles were kept outside in a galvanised steel crate and on cold snowy winter days, the milk had often frozen at the top and pushed the lid up away from the bottle.

The school dinners were delivered in big circular metal containers by van, they were prepared at The Chilworth & District Schools Cooking Centre, New Road.


Chilworth School lineup

Left to right

John Lemon, Martin Hedger, Barry Clifford, Janet Ellis, Valerie Smith, Doreen Turner, Denis Newman, Michael Cannon, Alan Edwards, Howard Brambley.

Here are some of the Children's names that I can remember that were at Chilworth School at the same time as myself.

Shirley Arthur

Howard Brambley

Christopher Brown

Barry Clifford

Christopher Dandridge

Janet Ellis

Michael Dorey

Alan Gunning

Martin Hedger

Yvonne Hedger

Teddy Jelly

John Lemon

Robert Lunnon

Robert Mackman

Robert Maynard

Richard Millington

Denis Newman

Geoffrey Worsfold

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