"Up the Shops"


Shopping was mainly done along New Road, first there was Mrs Everett's, The Belle View Stores, The front of the shop was painted a pale green colour, there were a few steps up the bank that took you to the shop door, It was a small shop, with a bell hung on the inside of the door that rang as you opened it. Mrs Everett was usually out the back, and sometimes was quite a while before coming out to serve you. The counter was on the right as you went in and there were glass jars of loose sweets on the shelves. Something that I remember always seeing was an advertisement for Macvities biscuits that showed a picture of a parrot on a stand. I used to call in there for A1 Tobacco and Turf Cigarettes, for my Dad, I used to collect the cigarette cards that had pictures of Railway Engines on them at the time, the cards were coloured blue and white, and were printed on the push out sleeve. I was also allowed to buy some sweets with the sweet coupons (Penny Points) from our Ration Book as sweets were still rationed.


This was the shop where we did most of our shopping, The front stated S & A PETTY THE TANGLEY STORES painted in Black and White, there was a Bovril advertisement fixed to the top of the shop window, the shop faced the Dorking Road. They sold all the main grocery and provisions items, The counter was facing you as you went into the shop. Here are some names of food brands that used to be on sale, Brazils Pork Pies, Nevilles Bread, Monk and Glass Custard Powder, Foster Clarkes Lemonade Powder, Lyons Individual Fruit Pies (they were square, with the corners cut off, and had sugar sprinkled over the top and came in a cardboard carton, they cost 6d each) I can remember the Apple and the Apricot ones.


Miss Tot Dann, was always serving in the shop when I went in for my copy of The Dandy, The Beano, The Topper or The Eagle. I also bought my pencils and drawing books in there.

Some of the newspapers that used to be sold were The Daily Herald, The Daily Sketch and The News Chronicle. They also used to sell the childrens I-SPY books, such as At The Seaside, On a Train Journey, and On The Farm which were 6d each, and those that had a few coloured pages were 1/- each. There was also an I-SPY club which you were able to join by buying a Membership Pack at Dann's which cost only 1/-.


The Post Mistress was Mrs Hinds, she also sold Haberdashery items and stationery and toys. On several occasions I was asked if I would deliver a Telegram to one of the local addresses, and was given 6d (Six old pence (two and a half new pence)) for doing so. How times have changed.


R W AUSTIN & SON, proclaimed the sign above the shop front of the butcher's in New Road. Sawdust on the floor, combined with the smell of fresh meat gave the shop an unforgettable aroma.


This shop later became run by The Holland's and as well as selling groceries was also an Off Licence, I can recall one of the Friary Ales Signs fixed to the wall above the shop.

For more details about Mr Prentice's Store in Chilworth and a picture taken pre 1915, please look at Phil Dawkins interesting web pages by clicking on this link



This shop was situated along Dorking Road, just to the left of the footpath where years ago a tramway from the South Eastern Railway Goods Yard at Chilworth Station, led down to The Old Gunpowder Factory.

Mrs Bartlett used to sell Grocery, Provisions, Sweets and Cigarettes.

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