Milk was delivered in the area by Home Counties Dairies, but we used to have our milk delivered by H.S.Bowbrick, from Wonersh, I can remember Mr Harry Bowbrick himself with a milk churn and ladle, measuring the milk into our own jug at the door, we used to put a cloth cover over the jug, it had blue beads sown around the edge. He latterly used to deliver the milk in glass bottles, he had a dark green Bedford CA van with sliding side doors.


George King, the baker from Albury, delivered Bread in his Horse drawn van, later he used a green three wheeled Reliant motor van which had front forks like a motor cycle. I used to think it was the best bread in the world, as it was so fresh and crusty. Sometimes his Daughter, Susan used to deliver the bread, at times, it used to arrive well after 11.30 at night, and they got to be known as "The Midnight Baker"


We used to walk down Blacksmiths Lane to buy Fresh Fish from the back of a delivery van.


I can remember Corona Drinks delivering fizzy drinks in the tall bottles with the wire and ceramic swing stoppers, The Corona Lorry had the crates stacked on the back, they used to collect the old bottles when you bought new ones.


The Postman in those days was our own local man, he was Mr Prentice, he lived in a house beside the Chilworth School. One year when delivering my Birthday Cards, he told me his birthday was on the same day as mine, February 21st.

For more details about Mr Prentice's Store in Chilworth and a picture taken pre 1915, please look at Phil Dawkins interesting web pages by clicking on this link

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