Favourite local walks

Many Sunday afternoons would be spent, taking a country walk, and if it was in the summer, a pic-nic would be packed.


St Martha's was always a favourite, because of the views. We would set off down Blacksmiths Lane, past "The Waterworks", where Mr Baker worked, you could always hear the "chug-chug" of the pumping engine as you passed by, then it was a lift up to look over the wall at the waterfall before taking the footpath on the left where the road bends at "Corner Oaks". It was uphill all the way up Halfpenny Lane, past the farm entrance that had a picture of a Halfpenny coin on the sign. Finally walking up the sandy tracks to The Church at the top. If we were lucky we would be able to play in the sand pits on the way home.

St Martha's Church on the hill high above Chilworth


Another walk was down Blacksmiths Lane, then turn right through the Old Gunpowder Works or "The Factory" as we used to call it.. There were remains of several of the old buildings and some of the old mill stones, there were also some of the old tramway sleepers still embedded along the paths here and there. Halfway through, just before where the path crosses a footbridge on its way up to The Chilworth Stores on the Dorking Road, there were a few wooden boarded houses with families still living in them.

Our walk usually continued on through "The Factory" and out at the other end where there were some more houses before turning right up the trackway to Lockners Farm, then maybe a slight detour up to the railway bridge to see if a train may be coming, then back home along Dorking Road, past the school and the station.


A pleasant walk could be taken by heading along the bridleway at the side of the entrance gates to Tangley Mere, once at the bottom of this track you ignored the right hand turn and took the left hand pathway along the side of the fields and up through the woods, after passing the windmill, taking a path down to the village of Blackheath. A welcome bottle of Purnell's Lemonade or Ginger Beer bought in R.R. Rogers little shop by the Church would keep us going along to the crossroads and straight on past the Volunteer Arms and up on to the heath. A choice of paths will bring us back down to the Crossroads where we can turn right down the hill to Chilworth Station and back home along the Dorking Road.


The shortest walk would be turning right outside Magazine Cottages, through the kissing gate, (we called them this name because if you were with someone you should kiss them before letting them through the gate) then along the path beside the railway (picking up lumps of coal, fallen from the steam train engines, partly hidden amongst the grass on the railway bank) as far as the Linesteps, turn right again through another kissing gate, it was nice to clamber down to the waters edge of the Tillingbourne Stream, it was always peaceful there, I remember seeing lots of Dragonflies there, Kingcups could also be found in the springtime. Then it was on along the path through another gate, around the back of the Printing Machine Works and turning right, up Blacksmiths Lane to the Dorking Road and home once again, not forgetting to put any coal that was found, into the coal shed.

 You have many more choices, please enjoy your nostalgic visit to Chilworth

Magazine Cottages

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Favourite local walks

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