Souvenir de Malta


(Black and White pictures)

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Floriana - Panorama

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Saluting Battery

Grand Harbour

Marsamuscetto Harbour

Isola Point

Strade Reale

Dockyard Creek

Strade Santa Lucia

St. John's Church - Valletta

Entrance Grand Harbour

Strade San Patrizio

Grand Harbour

Grand Harbour

Marsamuscetto landing Place

Chapel of bones - Valletta

The Old Fence

Gozo Lace Mork

Maltese Faldetta

Grand Harbour

Maltese Milk Seller

Rotonda Parish Church Musta

Custom House

Interior St. John's Church


Bighi Hospital

St George's Square

Royal Opera House

Marina Sliema

Scesa Marina

Monumento Eucaristico

Statue of St. Paul's episting in St. Paulo Shipioreck of Valletta

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