Wally's "What is it ?"

"Come and look at this !!"

Wally would give us his special call if he had spotted something that was a little more unusual than the normal plane or bird. He would not be happy until we had come to the window and seen it with our own eyes !. It may be a "High Bird" or a "Hover Bird" which would more than likely be just a speck in the sky, then sometimes he would spot "Harry the Heron" flying over or maybe a "Lost Balloon" would slowly creep upwards in the air or perhaps a "Kite" would be flying in the field nearby or a "Helicopter" would be spotted skimming past. On one particular day he called out and we were summoned to the window to look at what he had seen but we were baffled, we really could not make out what he had spotted, then on watching the way he was looking while he was still impatiently shouting his call, we suddenly spotted a small green Frog hopping about on the lawn.

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