My E bay links page I have been using e bay as a selling medium for about nine months.
Some Items on Sale Not always easy finding what people want that I have grown out of
More Items on Sale I also sell duplicates of what I collect and I work with a charity so some interesting things I think need a wider viewing than our local shops
Gripes - People whom bid and then don't pay ( none for the Model Railway Stuff I am very pleased to say
Being let down by e bay at the most annoying times
Postal charges and Parcel Force not delivering promptly
Please note the Post Office is 20 mins away , so I can't always get me parcels out quickly since they put a red route up outside it ! , sometimes I sell stuff and it ends up in a pile in my room - my the time you have bought it - which pile ? , so sorry if there are a few delays from time to time
Being let down my ISP for email access
Losing Data on my computer as a result of 'upgrade' - I generally get it back but what a way to spend 6 hours. I am going to concentrate on Services for now , my computer hardware is generally priced to sell - I have not got the space , but I am now charging 40.00 per hour to set up ( eg Win 98 installations is two hours for a stand alone 60.00 for network )
I enjoy setting up peer to peer networks , but can do NT and Win 2000 local domains. ( I am even teaching MCSE students some basics although I really cannot be bothered with learning all Microsore products - I just want to use computers in an interesting way