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Part one - election results.

Part two (a)- byways open to all traffic.

Part two (b)- update re byways open to all traffic.

Part One

Parish Election Results.May 1st. 2003

The votes cast for the following nominated persons were as follows:

Those elected are underlined.

Nominee Votes Cast
Margaret Ballard 586
Stanley Banks 284
Amanda Brading 612
Steve Bridges 659
Valerie Coates 605
Phyllis Cram 738
Archie Forbes 591
Richard Gamester 335
Gerald Lloyd 608
Geoffrey Luckett 654
Denise Powell 493
Beryl Roper 445
Judith Routley 365
Christopher Sampson 721
Sybil Tucker 478
John Westlake 753
Prudence Anne Witter 421
Karen Wynne 401

Part Two (a)

Byways Open to All Traffic (BOATS)

North Somerset Council has published an Order that, if carried out, will give traffic of all descriptions the right to drive over the footpaths along Eastwell Lane, Fullers Lane, Yadley Lane and Yadley Way. The idea, it is believed, originated from Woodspring Bridleways Association. Details of the Order have been published in local newspapers and many, many parishioners are totally against its implementation.

The Chairman of the Parish Council Environment Committee, with the support of many other groups within the parish, has written:

"It is important in the wider context that North Somerset Council does all within its power to defeat this continuing threat to our countryside. The Council originally determined that no Order should be made but was over-ruled by the Secretary of State following an appeal. The Council must be urged towards consistency by deciding that the Order must be referred to a Public Inquiry and by continuing to object to the Order being carried out. A Public Inquiry should enable the will of the majority to prevail!

The defences against these applications, and the subsequent appeals, place a burden upon public and private resources totally disproportionate to the ease with which the applications may be submitted. The current stream of applications is both politically and environmentally unacceptable and North Somerset Council at a Public Inquiry must be sure not to adopt a neutral stance but support the rejection of the Order. This action will then send a clear message to all concerned that the Council does not support such applications and does not wish to foot the bill for the attendant, considerable costs."

Apparently, over one-hundred and seventy-five people registered by post with North Somerset Council an objection to the above plans and, as legislation insists, all were without recourse to describing concerns that involved safety, loss of amenity, effects on wildlife and inconvenience to other users. These concerns will, if the need arises, be voiced later and result in even more letters of complaint.

Objections will now go before the North Somerset Council's Southern Area Committee (Chairman - Councillor Tony Lake). If they represent the feelings in our Parish, these Committees will make the decision that a Public Inquiry must take place and that North Somerset Council will continue to oppose this Order. We shall all look out for the results of their deliberations!

Part Two (b) - an update

Byways Open to All Traffic (BOATS)

The Council's South Area Committee considered the matter on 30th July 2003, recommending to the Planning and Regulatory Committee that the Secretary of State should be advised that the Council does not support confirmation of the Order. The Planning and Regulatory Committee endorsed the recommendation on 20th August 2003. These Committees agreed that whilst the appeal was originally granted on the basis that there was confilicting evidence such that it was reasonable for byways open to all traffic to be alleged to exist, the Committees did not accept that on the balance of probabilities, byway rights had actually been shown to exist.

Some form of inquiry will now take place for a final decision to be made and for this to be recommended to the Secretary of State. The inquiry should take place in Winscombe sometime during 2004.

If you require further details of how you could present your views to North Somerset Council, contact Gerald Lloyd, Chairman of the Parish Environment Committee, by telephone on 01934 842468 or by e-mail -

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